Intimacy comes in a variety of ways. All shapes and sizes. It comes in the moments when the coffee is brewing and our messy hair flops to one side. It comes when the sun has set and we lay entwined debating if it’s late enough to go to bed. It comes in the moments when we share the bathroom, my mouth foaming with paste as you try to make me laugh. It comes when you stand there making silly faces telling me it’s time to wake up.

Intimacy is the way my soul connects with yours. Deep conversations and sessions of healing tears. You hold me as my wounds begin to scar over.

In moments when fear punches me in the stomach, you touch my face and tell me, yes, you’re sure you love me its not changing today.

In those moments when we fold our mixed clean laundry. I think I may have entered adulthood – my socks have been washed with yours.

On those silent drives to school or grocery shopping. You rest your hand on my leg. I always want to hold it back. When we listen to each other’s radio stations, country included – I know you hate it. But you like seeing me dance. When you pick me up and ask me what I learned today. Challenging me with questions and perspectives I had yet to think of.

Intimacy may be a state of mind I’ve learned.


This was a piece I wrote for a podcast series on CJSW 90.9FM called our Our Stories: Sex, Love, and Intimacy  Check out all 3 episodes! & stay tuned for more podcasts coming this spring!

© Ange Neil 2018



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