I’m not entirely sure to be honest. Is this a blog site? Is this a business site? Is it both? I think we are both going to go along and learn together. Because I haven’t decided yet, I’m a little afraid, and I don’t have a picture-perfect presentation for the world yet. And that stopped me for a decent amount of time… I’ve been procrastinating this website. It honestly took me a good few hours to press pay for domain button. But I did it and here we are. So, what am I doing?

I’m creating a space to continue sharing my journey and story. It’s also a space for you to keep up with my business endeavors! Essentially, story time with Ange plus business time with Ange. Many of you may follow me on Instagram or Facebook – I love sharing my photos with a little blurb of what’s going on in my head. But! That’s not always long enough a platform to share what’s actually going on! Hopefully this website will allow me to do that now.

I’m nervous going forward with this but I’ve always been an advocate of vulnerability, hence, why I’m sharing fear with you. There’s some fear that I’ll make a mess of this website, I won’t keep up with it, that people won’t even bother looking at it, and the list could probably go on if I think too hard but those are the basic fears. Fear is part of the human experience I think. We all have fears. So own it, let it pass through you, and then find courage anyways is the advice I’ve been given. And it seems to work for me. Owning my fear and labeling it in this first explanation post is what I’ve come up with tonight.

Going forward I’m going to be adding photos, art, spoken word pieces, and writings. I also have some projects coming up I’d like to share with you as well! There’s more I have in mind for this website but I won’t give away everything all at once!

Here is me cyberspace. I’ll keep finding courage through the fears.

Be gentle with yourself my friend.



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