About Ange

Ange is an active advocate of they Calgary community. They are passionate about social justice, writing, and bringing more light to the world.

Ange uses photography, writing, and spoken word to inspire and give hope. Their lived experience of struggle, adversity, and recovery will be shared here.

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Peace Out

Today is Transgender Day of Visibility. This is probably the most vulnerable, raw, & scary thing for me to post so far. I know some of you will not understand, some of you will disagree or disapprove of my identity, and some of you will celebrate with me. And the reality of being trans is …

A Reflection on Intimacy

Intimacy comes in a variety of ways. All shapes and sizes. It comes in the moments when the coffee is brewing and our messy hair flops to one side. It comes when the sun has set and we lay entwined debating if it’s late enough to go to bed.


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