About Ange

Ange is an active advocate of they Calgary community. They are passionate about social justice, writing, and bringing more light to the world.

Ange uses photography, writing, and spoken word to inspire and give hope. Their lived experience of struggle, adversity, and recovery will be shared here.

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A Reflection on Intimacy

Intimacy comes in a variety of ways. All shapes and sizes. It comes in the moments when the coffee is brewing and our messy hair flops to one side. It comes when the sun has set and we lay entwined debating if it’s late enough to go to bed.

January Update: All time lows & hope

Now we are at the end of January; the darkness still sits beside me through out the days, but it doesn’t hold me the same way. The darkness does not consume me. There is hope again. I’ve had moments of excitement for the positive things in my life. I was talking to someone recently about how I’m doing and summed up it feels not okay but better than December did. So, that is progress and I’m gonna take it. Progress is progress, even if it’s slow.


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